Isle of Skye

The Island of Skye, situated off the West coast of Mainland Scotland, is the largest and best known of the Inner Hebrides.
Since October 1995, Skye has been linked to mainland Scotland by a bridge.
Kyleakin - the small village is located at a narrow strait which is the shortest distance from the island to the mainland of Scotland.
Skye, famous for its misty hills, the Cuillins, has a surprisingly wide variety of landscapes.



The legend says, that one has to dip ones face in the water on both banks of the river to maintain eternal youth.
As you can see, it more or less worked.
Well, at least for me.
Portree, Skye's capital city. It was originally known as Kiltaragleann (the church at the foot of the glen) but gained its present title of Portree or Port Righ, meaning the King's Harbour, when James V landed in
The most interesting part of Portree is its harbour. People tend to hang out there enjoying the boats or taking a walk up to the Lump, a headland overlooking the bay.
The small town seems to very quiete and is a good spot to enjoy the Islands beauty.
Kilt Rock - named because of it's appearance, which really does look like a carefully pleated kilt.
photo time!!!!
Duntulm Castle - Abandoned around 1730 by the MacDonalds, it now lies in ruins close to the sea. The castle was abandoned in 1730 for nearby Armadale Castle, a more comfortable residence.
Hugh MacDonald was imprisoned in the castle dungeon, and purposely starved to death after he tried to seize the lands of his family.

The grave of Flora McDonald - she was a scottish heroine as she helped Bonnie Prince Charles to escape from South Uist to Skye.
She obtained passports for herself and for the Prince who was dressed as an Irishwoman, Betty Burke.
She safely led him to Portree in Skye and never met him again.

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A really beautiful and quiet location for a graveyard.
Armadale Castle - was the home of the MacDonalds of Sleat. Armadale castle as we know it today was built in 1815 when the Macdonalds once again seeked a site on the Isle of Skye more comfortable than their former home.

The MacDonalds together with the MacLoads of Dunvegan were the hereditary chiefs of Skye.

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Armadale had one of the two most important harbours on Skye, the other being at Broadford, further north.
From the garden surrounding the castle you have an incredible view upon the sea and the islands. Really stunning!!

Dunvegan Castle is the home of the chiefs of MacLoad since 1200. The castle ist built on a rock, totaly surrounded by water.

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Dunvegan castle has a strong association with fairies. It is said that in order to get to Dunvegan you must cross the Fairy Bridge, which has long had supernatural connections.
Right next to Dunvegan visitors get the chance to see a seal colony.