Angus and Glamis Castle

The Hinterland of Angus give you a first impression of the loneliness of the Highlands.
Endless mooreland make up the picture.
And one should get out of the car to get a real impression of the landscape. And my father obviously enjoyed breathing fresh Scotish air.
Glamis Castle, a perfect example of Scotish castles. In fact one of the nicest castles in Scotland. The Castle is still inhabited by the Earl and Countess of Strathmore and Kinghorne.
The central part of the building got today's appearance in the 17th century. Queen Mom, who recently passed away, and her daughter Princess Margaret were born here.
And like every Scotish castle... Glamis has it's ghosts. The impeccable Lady Glamis, persecuted and burned as witch by James V. and Duncan, killed here by Macbeth in 1040 are still wandering around in the hallways of Castle Glamis.
The Castle is surrounded by a splendid parks, giving the visitor time and silence to enjoy this place.
What quiet and nice place for an animal graveyard...