St. Andrews

St. Andrews has a special place in Scottish history and legend. It takes its name from the saint whose relics, legend tells, where brought to this place. The town played a leading role in Scotland's affairs in the Middle ages and its University is world famous.
When the great Cathedral was constructed in the 12th and 13th centuries, it was the largest building in Scotland and for years was the centre of the country's religious life.
The remains of the Cathedral, which was destroyed by militant supporters of John Knox, are surrounded by spooky graveyard.
The Cathedral by nightime...which can be very early in winter
The panoramic coastline of the town offers nice place to just sit and watch the horizon.
It was the game of golf which spread from the East coast of Scotland around the world. James II banned it in 1457 because men were golfing instead of practising archery and he feared they would not be able to defend his kingdom. And it in St. Andrews were the world's first 18-hole golf course was constructed (in 1764).