Anella Olímpíca and around Placa España

placa España
En 1929, Barcelona inaugurated the Estadi Olímpic de Montjuic in its bid for the 1932 Olympic Games. Over 50 years later, Catalán architects Federic Correa and Alfons Milà renovated the shell with the help of Italian architect Vittorio Gregotti.
Olympic Stadium
“Barcelona organised a superb Olympic Games and emerged as a welcoming and open city. The spirit of this great sporting event goes perfectly with the warm, hospitable tradition of this Mediterranean city.”.

Words of the then mayor of Barcelona, Pasqual Maragall

The mascot for the Games was Cobi the dog, designed by Xavier Mariscal and inspired in the sheepdogs of the Pyrenees. The logotype was created by Josep Maria Trias. The four official posters of the Games were the work of Xavier Mariscal, J. M. Trias, Enric Satué and Antoni Tàpies.

The citizens of Barcelona joined in the spirit of the Games adorning windows, terraces and balconies overlooking the streets and squares of the entire city without exception: the old city, the centre and upper part of the city came together in a single manifestation of feeling that unified all Barcelonans.

el Torre Calatrava, designed by Sir Norman Foster
To the ’92 Games, and to all the people and institutions that gave themselves wholly to their city we owe the worldwide prestige of Barcelona as a cultured, welcoming and vanguard city.
The most moving moment in the opening ceremony was the lighting of the Olympic fire at the stadium with a flaming arrow shot by archer Antonio Rebollo.
MNAC (Palau Nacional)
Fonts Luminoses (Font Mágica) - The illuminated Fountains dominated by the huge central Font Mágica, are visible from Pl. Espanya up to Av. Reina María Cristina.


During the summer, they are used in a weekend music and laser show that illuminates the mountainside and the Palau Nacional, behind the fountains. This spectacular show usually draws the attention of thousand of visitors, and its worth it!!

10th FINA World Championchips 13.-27. July 2003

view down from Montjuic
view down from Montjuic
view down from Montjuic